Making Generative Art with JavaScript (Workshop GROW)

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2 jours / 14 heures

Workshop exceptionnel organisé à l'occasion GROW du animé par Matt DesLauriers


Workshop animé en anglais (speaker exclusivement anglophone)

Pour qui ?

Integrator, web developer



  • The learner must know how to use JavaScript & ES6 syntax and should understand the basics of DOM and frontend.
  • He Must be able to use Terminal and understand the basics of Node.js & npm for installing third-party modules.
  • The workshop is a little more focus on the intermediate/advanced side. Some prior knowledge of creative coding (e.g. render loop, 2D coordinates, ThreeJS basics) are suggested.


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Programme de la formation

Day 1 

  • Learn to use Canvas and WebGL in this JavaScript workshop on Generative Art.
  • Matt DesLauriers will guide students through the vast landscape of making generative art with the web. 
  • During the two-day workshop, learned how to develop generative Giclee prints with JavaScript, export seamless GIF and MP4 loops for the web, and build interactive 3D experiences with ThreeJS.
  • After a short Introduction to the tools and frameworks, the students will review the basic shapes (circles, lines, curves, surfaces), make their first generative artwork and learn how to prepare the artworks for giclee prints.
  • Exploring the creative process, ideation and brainstorming: the students will learn how to find inspiration, review the computer art history and perform hand-sketched generative art.
  • Then they'll review some tips and tricks : interpolation and math for generative art, followed by an open coding session.


Day 2

  • The day will kick off with an introduction to 3D and WebGL using the Three.js framework.
  • Followed by some tips and tricks for animation & motion graphics for the web before learning how to export seamless GIF & MP4 loops.
  • The end of the day will be dedicated to personal projects, and Q&A with Matt.

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Making Generative Art with JavaScript (Workshop GROW)
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