Graphic design can draw triangles, but Pythagore did it first (Workshop GROW)

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2 jours / 14 heures

Workshop exceptionnel organisé à l'occasion du GROW animé par Gaël Hugo


Workshop animé en anglais (speaker francophone)

Pour qui ?

Integrator, web developer


  • We will use ATOM. Sublime or any decent code editor will work too.
  • We will use Javascript a lot, Python a little.
  • We will generate and load CSV files.
  • We will use Illustrator and Photoshop


Toutes les informations utiles ici :



Programme de la formation

Day 1

  • Let’s mess with the Grid, we will share our references of the most creative structured visuals, from Russian Suprematism to Joseph Müller-Brockmann grid, from Fibonacci repartition to Ulam Spiral, to see how algorithms have been used as helper in visual compositions.
  • Beyond batch processing, scripting within the classic design tools like illustrator and photoshop is possible, but it’s not easy. Let’s find how we can simplify the process by working out of that box and creating our own "tools".
  • Random doesn’t mean necessary no structure. How can a designer generate a huge collection of unique graphic patterns by setting a bunch of simple rules.
  • Keeping thing’s under control, sometimes, producing visuals that follow certain rules can be conceptually very powerful. How can a designer use dynamic data to produce changing visuals while keeping style and coherence.
  • Bézier, from vector illustration to type design, bézier curves can be used in many different ways in graphic design. While playing with their mathematical formula, we will try to produce unexpected outcomes.

Day 2

  • A touch of pixels : bitmap parsing, we’ll start learning how to use various kind of rasterization technics.
  • Machine learning to things right, we will use machine learning to identify the most expected design, to avoid risks and make your clients happy.
  • Machine learning to things wrong, we will use machine learning to try TO produce unexpected graphic compositions, for the better or worst… 
  • Open discussion, personal projects.

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Graphic design can draw triangles, but Pythagore did it first (Workshop GROW)
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